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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is already 2020! The holidays flew by for me and it was hard taking down all of my Christmas decor. I like to look at the New Year as a cleanse, a way to refresh everything in my life. I made goals for this year and I am motivated and determined to keep up with them. First I bought a planner, which is one of my favorite parts of the New Year! (its the little things in life) The planner I chose had a section for my yearly goals and weekly goals, which I love. I made personal, household and goals for my business. Today I am going to share with you a couple of my household goals that will also help me achieve my other goals.

One of my goals for our household (which may seem silly) is keeping up with laundry. With just me and Josh you wouldn't think there was a lot of laundry...WRONG. I always have at least two baskets to wash at all times. One of my issues with laundry, is every time I try on something and decide not to wear it, I throw it in the mysterious clean pile and I don't put it back on the hanger to hang in the closet. I know I am not the only who does this, so YES I am guilty at destroying my side of the closet.

I don't know about you but I feel like I am always on the go! With having big families between me and my husband and working, I find myself overwhelmed in housework in between everything. I gracefully stumbled upon a sweet lady who shared her cleaning techniques that has helped our household tremendously! Becky from Clean Mama breaks down tasks for everyday of the week besides Sunday (its your day of rest, you need time to relax) I have shared her website where you can get her free printable that shows you how to break down your cleaning routine.

Clean Mamas Cleaning Routine

Monday: Bathrooms

Tuesday: Dusting

Wednesday: Vacuum

Thursday: Wash Floors

Friday: Catch All (anything you missed)

Saturday: Sheets/Towels

Sunday: Rest

Along with the individual tasks for the day of the week, there are "daily" tasks that you should be doing to help keep your household clean.

That includes:

  • Make beds

  • Check Floors

  • Wipe Counters

  • Clutter

  • ****laundry***

(You noticed I starred laundry for my own sake)

There is also rotating tasks that you can throw in daily.


  • vacuum baseboards

  • vacuum/spot-clean furniture

  • light fixtures: kitchen

  • wash rugs

  • polish wood furniture

  • change filters

  • clean oven

  • wipe down appliances

  • wash windows

Clean Mamas Home-keeping Calendar allows you to do small tasks everyday that will keep your house clean longer. I don't know about you but I hate wasting my day off cleaning the house. Using this technique it allows me to spend about an hour of each day to keep up with my house. Whenever we have guests I don't have to worry about certain parts of my house being clean because I already know they have been clean within the past week. I think this would be extremely helpful for Mamas too! While the baby is sleeping you can complete small tasks everyday so you are not overwhelmed with taking care of the household!

Along with having a great cleaning schedule, I am obsessed with certain cleaning supplies. I am sure if you follow me on Instagram you have seen me share Mrs. Meyers Cleaning supplies that I get through Grove Collaborations. I have a subscription every three months that sends me the product I want from Grove Collaborative and most of it is Mrs. Meyers. I love Grove Collaborative because all of their products never use synthetic fragrance or any of these harmful ingredients. They use organic and plant-based ingredients whenever they’re available. They also never use synthetic fragrance or any of these harmful ingredients so its safe to use around your children and pets. I personally love the scents and how long the clean scent lingers with any product you use.

Here is my referral link for Grove Collaborative

If you have any questions about cleaning or cleaning products, feel free to contact me!

xoxo Jen

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